How quickly the weather changes!  It has been hardly a week or two when the winter was tough and grueling, and now it is fading away silently. With the rising temperature everyday, there will be summer very soon. And very soon you would need the cool breeze of you air conditioner.

Soon there will be a hot summer day,  and the last thing you would want is to turn on your air conditioner and find that it doesn’t work.

An air conditioner sits idle during winter months, collecting dust and debris. A proper service and  maintenance is often needed to get it running properly. If you miss this maintenance before summer arrives, you may end up sweating for several days before you call a PRO for service. Now is the time to get your A/C system working well.

The first step in window AC servicing is to move the air conditioner unit outside on a flat level surface where one can easily work on the unit and have access to a garden hose. Then the air filter, front panel and rail from the top of the unit are removed. Now your window AC is ready to be cleaned. (Picture Source:

The split AC has the condenser unit that consists of the compressor, condenser and fan motor outside. The indoor unit and the outdoor unit are connected through copper pipes. In a split AC the outdoor units are cleaned separately.

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What is done during a routine service and maintenance of an AC:

Overall inspection

During an AC  service the PRO performs an inspection on your air conditioning unit. This involves looking closely at all the key components of the AC system like compressor, evaporator, condenser unit, drainage, coils, coolant level, filters etc. that comprise your system and allow it to function properly. If any fault is found the PRO suggests a repair.

Dust and debris removal from coils

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Dust and dirt are core enemies of your air conditioning system as they cause overheating of the system. During the regular AC service, the PRO cleans the dust and debris from the condenser or heating coil and evaporator or the cooling coil and other key components of the system.Doing so will help to prevent overheating that is caused by a build-up of debris which can retain heat and decrease the functionality of the system.

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During AC service, the PRO checks the air filter to see if it is in a good conditions or needs to be replaced.  An air filter collects humongous amount of dust and dirt during operations and prevents them from entering in your room. So failure to clean or replace the air filter on a regular basis, can lead to a build-up of debris that diminishes the optimal operation of the AC unit and also leads to less healthy indoor air. The PRO washes and cleans the air filter during AC servicing.

Cleaning key components like compressor, condenser fan etc.

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A compressor is the heart of an AC unit that pumps coolant into the cooling coil. It is the component that is responsible for cooling your room. It is located in the outside box  along with the condenser and fan. During regular service the PRO cleans and washes the compressor. The external fan and condenser fins are also rinsed and cleaned for any molds and dust build up.

Remember that if your AC unit has excessive mold buildup, sud it up with some mild detergent and allow it to soak and use pressure cleaning to rinse it. Never use any harsh chemicals like bleach, which can cause damage to aluminum parts used in air conditioners.

After all the inside and outside cleaning and washing is done, allow your air conditioner to dry for some time in an upright position after tilting it to remove any extra water. Put back the filter, front panel and rail top back into the AC unit. At last fix the window AC back to where it was installed.

So prepare yourself  for summers and book an AC service case with Techtric Engineering.