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Average Life Span of A Air Conditioner & How to Extend Air Conditioner Lifespan

Depending on different factors average life of ac lasts from 12-20 years on average. The factors that will determine the lifespan of your air conditioner are: The quality of the air conditioning installation The quality of your air conditioner


Installation of the Split Air Conditioners: Deciding the Location of Indoor and Outdoor Units

Introduction By now we have seen the different parts of the split air conditioners, now let us the installation of these Acs. The installation of the split air conditioners is the most important and crucial part. If it is done


Why Choose An Air Conditioner Specialist Company For AC Servicing?

The use of technology by people is increasing day by day. The world is becoming automatic. That way people are looking forward to updates on technologies. Air conditioner plays an important role in such technologies. China is number one

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